A big blow

No entryPhil: After our excellent Monday cake and planning session, I am armed with the three chapters and a finely honed query letter ready to do battle with the literary establishment. A shiny laser printer awaits to print our efforts in the best possible quality.

So, I am left to decide which lucky publisher will be first to get their hands on our potential best-seller. By mutual agreement, we’ll start with Tindal Street Press in Birmingham. They are a Brummie based publisher and so more likely to be open to a story set outside the capital. Their raison d’etre is “to find writers of national and international significance from places other than London and the South East – where nearly all of the English publishing industry is based” which sounds promising. More importantly, they were the only ones who commented on our previous submission, a comment about us being able to write in our chosen genre that dealt us a great dollop of encouragement.

Thinking I better check how they like to receive submissions, I check the website and find this:

Tindal Street Press are no longer accepting submissions for publication. If you have recently submitted to us, we are very sorry to say that we are no longer able to consider your manuscript. We wish you the best of luck elsewhere.


Checking the rest of the site, it seems that Tindal Street Press is part-funded by Arts Council England and Birmingham City Council who presumably have other things to spend money on now. It was taken over in 2012 by Profile Books Ltd who only accept submissions via literary agents.

There is some irony in our path to publishing being hampered by the same recession that got us writing in the first place.

Oh well, I better break out the Writers and Artists Yearbook, buy some cake (not the “Contemporary Cakes” from the Co-op as these were too stodgy) and see if Candice can find some time in her schedule for us to plan our campaign.

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