Silly promotional ideas

NolanParker in LegoPhil: On Tuesday, Candice mentioned that the Lego Movie is whopping the backside of the latest vampire film and this gave me an idea.

We’re trying to think of promotional tricks to raise our profiles ahead of firing stuff at publishers and agents. If you are famous in some way, getting in to print is a heck of a lot easier.

While Mrs Marketing Brain is working, I’ve also been pondering some ideas. Since I know nothing about the “correct” way of doing this, I’m thinking of silly things. The first of these was to film some of our book using the ever popular plastic bricks.

Technically, this is easy. I made my first stop-frame animation film when I was 9, on proper Super 8 film, none of this computer stuff. I learned a lot, especially that it’s a good idea to come up with the story before you start filming, not half way through a ruinously expensive roll of film. Even some serious editing didn’t entirely hide this but I did my best.

Nowadays, the process involves a still digital camera and dropping the frames in to some software that plays them one after another. Editing doesn’t involve cutting strips of film up and sticking them back together with lovely smelling film cement, just dragging and dropping scenes around the timeline.

A bigger problem is that our book opens with a woman crawling along a slippery roof and trying to communicate with a man dressed in a cabbage costume. Lego may be wonderful stuff but as far as I know, they don’t make any vegetable shaped figures. As a Lego traditionalist, I refuse to acknowledge the existence of green blocks to make my own either. Even if I did, he’d be much bigger than the lead player so it would look all wrong.

Worse, she is wearing designer gear and Lego definitely don’t do that. Using the Minifig creator, I did my best to make miniatures of us and while I’m wearing jeans as usual, efforts to make plastic Candice fashionable failed utterly, hence the gym bunny gear.

BillySLegoAnyway, would a Lego version of our book, even if it went viral, sell it to the intended market? Probably not.

More thinking required obviously.

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  1. When this landed on my phone this morning I had to jump on the net to see – don’t get the pictures on my blackberry! Histerical !

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