Multi tasking

I always wished I'd been tallerCandice:  I’m currently writing this post while rocking someone with my foot in their baby chair.  You know what they say about women being able to multitask, well I’ve been doing a lot of that recently since my new addition – making bottles, loading and unloading washing machines, eating – all this one hand.  My ultimate multitask has to be reading a book while doing a feed.

I’m reading two books at the moment – Michael J Fox’s autobiography and ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn.  They are two totally different styles and even their format is different, one a paperback and one an ibook. The Fox book was bought for me as a Christmas present by the other half.  He knows I had a big crush on the guy when I was in my teens; posters on the wall, obsession with Back to the Future, dreaming about marrying Michael – all the usual teenage angst stuff.  However, when I grew to be taller than him I fell out of love with him (and moved on to Matthew Broderick I think).  The other book was bought for the plane back in October when we went to America, but as I didn’t read anywhere as many books on that holiday as usual it didn’t get touched.

I’ll review both when I have finished them but my question here is more about – how do you cope with reading two books at one time and really enjoy either of them.   I’ve done it before but not to this extent.  The Fox book is my wind down before I go to bed, as it is impossible to hold a paperback open when you have a small person on your other arm.  However, once we got past the early stuff and into the Hollywood stuff that interests me, I don’t always go to bed as early as I should!  The ‘Gone Girl’ is good for flipping though on a back-lit screen in the early hours as it doesn’t disturb someone and the pages stay flat.  I’m have to admit I’m struggling to remember what happened last time with the ‘Girl’ book but now I am trying to read it every night that helps.

I think it is possible to read two at once, especially if they reflect where you are at that time.  Also, doing a fiction then non-fiction must be the best way as you aren’t trying to keep up with two complex story lines.  It might be harder with two twisting murder mysteries for example, though I am sure as I come to the end of the fiction book I might need to just read it to really get the whole story (though we know I hate endings).

What examples have you of successfully multitasking books, and why have you done it?


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