Tweeting BrianPhil: With a renewed push to get our book on the racks of your local airport bookstall, I’ve been digging around Twitter. As 21st Century authors, we can’t ignore one of the largest social media platforms, especially one that seems to be the main source of material for so many traditional media outlets nowadays.

Basically, I’ve been looking for firms who promote authors through Tweets and following them like a crazy stalker. Except that I don’t need to stalk, they won’t leave me alone.

One outlet promises to tweet to it’s 60,000+ real followers about you. Assuming they are real, then the law of averages says there must be someone out there who could show useful interest in you. Or at least, they would except for one little problem these marketeers haven’t spotted. Quite simply, they never, ever shut up.

I follow many people from nerdy transport fans, poets, writers, media people, useful local news services and even Brian the Robot from the insurance adverts (Don’t tell Candice, but I’m a bit of a connoisseur of good marketing. I tell her I think it’s all colouring in and playing with glitter though) all of whom seem to get this social media thing right. Those people I have un-followed always get the chop for the same reason.

Too. Many. Tweets.

The author marketing people were sending out over 50 tweets a day. I don’t have time to read all those. Quite frankly, there were so many of them, I couldn’t be bothered to scroll through and look at anyone else’s peals of wisdom. I’m pretty certain that no-one else has that sort of time either. Anyone likely to be looking for authors will want to spend time reading manuscripts, not random adverts on social media.

Marketing people. When you go to a party, do you like the person who stands in the middle of the room bellowing a stream of consciousness?

No? Well don’t do it on-line then.


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2 responses to “#ShutUp!

  1. Christian

    I work in marketing. No matter how far you progress up the ranks and how much experience you have, eventually it comes down to how well you can format a PowerPoint.


  2. All depends on what you are marketing and your target market. I don’t use Twitter-what is the point? Just because it reaches xx billion people it doesn’t mean it’s any good at getting your own message across.
    As I said before Phil, personally I would go the local route with local readings at festivals, pubs, libraries etc. How about at hospitals, over 60’s clubs and retirement homes? Plus I think you need to serve up several ‘foods’ on your menu and include your shorter stories as well. Also, work on the image and develop a brand/logo that can go on every piece of publicity material – cards, leaflets, posters, envelopes, ads, etc.

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