Watching through my fingers?

 Candice: I’m off to the cinema on Thursday night to see the Quiet Ones.  Though having just watched the trailer I think I’ve changed my mind!  Why am I going to see it you ask, well I’m in it!  Somewhere in there is a piece about Druids, and I am one of them.  Though I doubt you’ll be able to see me as I had cloak and big hood.

The funny thing is I like horror books.  I used to devour Stephen King and James Herbert when I was growing up.  But I can’t stand horror films.  I think when I read it, even though my imagination runs wild with what is happening in the book, I can turn it off.  With a film its too real and graphic, meaning I can’t escape it.

I can distinctly remember watching some of the Friday the 13th films as a teenager, lights off, boys and girls on different sides of the room trying not to act scared or be the first to jump.  Off course it was a perfect opportunity for one of the boys to sneak up on a girl they liked, scare her and then give her a hug afterwards.  The next thing you know they’d be snogging!

I have actually written some good horror style short stories funnily enough, there are some on this blog if you look, but I dont think I’d write a whole book.  Well if they made a film of it, I wouldn’t be able to watch.

So wish me luck on Thursday and hope I don’t have nightmares!


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