So that’s what we are doing wrong!

Benedict Cumberbatch

Candice I read an article today on how Benedict Cumberbatch got Judy Dench to agree to have a part in his next film. He door-stepped her at an event at Hay literary festival, and she said yes.

Now, having been to some literary festival events I’m quite surprised by the level of celeb attending, plus the fact my requests have not that kind of response.

Obviously, I am not a celeb asking another celeb for help, but it seems Benedict resorted to this way as he’d tried to pin down Judy through her agent and got no where so went for the more direct route.

Now I have heard stories of people who really wanted jobs hanging around the office of the company or offering to do this for free to get a position there. But surely this is a kind of stalking?

Anyway, it worked for him but I’m not sure me standing up in a talk by an agent and saying ‘sign us’ would work the same. I’m not adverse to trying…

However, I have decided from this that Phil and I need to up our game. If the Cumberbatch is in Hay, I want to go !

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