I don’t know how you find the time…

vintage Mauthe alarm clockPhil: This time last week, we were both away from our desks in either on a Margate industrial estate or field near Cambridge. Not on holidays you understand, for both of us it was work all the way.

When I talk to anyone about writing a book, some people say, “I’d love to do that but I just don’t have the time.”

The thing that separates writers from non-writers is that the first group get on with the dull job of typing out a story. There’s a world of difference between wanting to write and doing it. The trouble is that you have to devote a load of time to the doing bit. It’s great when you are in the flow but getting going is a bit like starting a 1970s British Leyland car in the winter – hard work.

Which is where it’s all gone a bit pear-shaped for us at the moment. Even sitting down for a lunchtime chat is hard as we are both busy people. If we didn’t have the thing written already, I’m not sure we’d ever get around to it.

That spell at the quango where we were able to devise the basic story and go away to get it down on the page was a lucky break.

Maybe fate had literary greatness in store for us. Let’s hope so.

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