Super Food?

ChocolateCandice: Do you have things that make you write better?  I’m a fidget and have trouble settingly down to anything until I have surfed, emailed and generally got it out of my system.  I often find that listening to music takes away the need to keep jumping up and down, but it has to be ear phones, not just radio in the background as that doesn’t fill the space in my head that is working on 10 other things and distracting me.

Food is another thing, I am a terrible picker.  I’ve just been away for a week and lost some weight while I was there because my main focus was which book I was reading or when I was next having a dip in the pool, not trying to get down to something and there for need to pick at something as a distraction.

Chocolate is a major downfall.  I am still amazed that I managed to have pain au chocolat most days and still lose weight.  The chocolate must be low calorie in France.  But here is another option – raw chocolate – something that is supposed to be a super food.

What is a super food? Food with additional health benefits – antioxidants or extra vitamins.  A lot of brands sell off the back of this concept, though research suggests it is just a marking ploy.

Can it help with my concentration – who knows.  But I am willing to give it a try, as it is chocolate. Time for a trip to the shops – I’ll let you know how I get on.

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