Things I have forgotten

Candice: Since having Erin I am sure I have what is known as ‘baby brain’.  My memory for names is shocking and I seem to constantly double book myself for meetings and catch up’s with friends ‘causing lots of text messages or speedy journeys from one place to the next.

Phil has been chasing me for an appropriate time to meet up to talk through the comments we’ve had from our agency and just general writing stuff.  Work has been busy and my mind isn’t always in the best place when we meet for lunch, I’m still thinking about 9ft high wellington boots (another story). So I said to him did he want to get down to some serious writing at the weekend.  We plumped for a meet in Birmingham as Leamington had some fayre on and would have been a nightmare for parking.

Off I went on the train and we toddled up to Birmingham Library, after a stop off in the newly refurbished Edwardian Tea Room in the Museum and Art Gallery, to have some serious writing time. You may have noticed from previous posts that working in a Library seems to work for us.  No chance to chat too much in this quiet environment so iPods on and keyboards open for a productive time.

Well, we only wrote for just over an hour but we sorted out some plot issues, made Kate more rounded and came out the other side feeling satisfied with the results.  There was even cake to celebrate.

In the preparation for this I had been re-reading the first half of the book.  I’d sat down at a rainy morning on holiday and had another look.  The first thing I noticed was a continuity error and some typos, but I also reminded myself what a good read it is.  I never got past the part we’d talked about before I went so I haven’t re-read it all but I’d forgotten most of what we’d written. I can’t blame all of this on baby brain, but in the forgetting I did enjoy the re-reading.  Hopefully this means you will when you get to read it all later this year.




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