We’re in the money

Candice: Once, a long time ago, I thought I’d be rich and famous by now.  I had aspirations to be an actor and dreampt of being set up in Hollywood, staring in many films  and rolling in money.  However, of course reality hit and then so did my 40’s and I realised that it just wasnt going to happen.

But then I got into this book writing thing and thought, ‘I can get to be as rich as JK Rowling’ .  But it seems that is all a falacy and I wont be getting as rich as I thought.  Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat, has been saying that the ‘Rowling effect’ is giving people a false sense of what you can earn from being an author. Now that’s a bit of a shame.  Part of me wonders if this is sour grapes as she’s only had one film made from her books and Rowling has had eight.  Everyone must want to write that massive block buster series and it be made into a set of successful films, but that happens for so few.  I suppose its just as likely as winning the lottery.

But it seems the problem is more about the fact everyone wants something for free.  In the Music Industry artists branch out and do clothing or perfume lines to make more money.  For an author, this must be much harder as unless a film is made or they can tout themselves round lots of high paying chat shows I can’t see myself buying ‘Harry’ the new after shave.

So its seems we might all have to be part time authors, funding the thing we love with things we have to do to pay the bills.  At the moment I’m a full time working and can’t even call myself an occassional author, though I’d really like to be. But needs must with a baby to look after until she can starting earning herself….


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  1. Don’t worry Nol’ers. This time next year we’ll be millionaires…

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