Left holding the baby

Candice: Its my turn to have a dig at Phil today as, for once, he is off swanning on holiday and I am left to write both of this week’s blog posts.  Now Phil’s idea of ‘swanning’ does not involve lying on a sun lounger, its more about visiting sights especially those that have trains.  I just have to remember I’ll be getting my own back soon as I go on another holiday.

I mean, Phil actually says he doesn’t go on any holidays but he blogged back in June about being away on a holiday and he was reading a rather cumbersome Bill Bryson book. It’s funny because I had also bought this book for my holiday in June but didn’t get round to reading it and have just cracked it open last night. It is a very big book and that’s probably why its been on my bedside table and I’ve gone to pick it up a few times but deferred to reading Grazia or the Sunday Times magazine instead. However, I went for it last night and I’m already hooked so I’ll let you know what I think when I finish.

I have to say the weather at the moment is really helping with the reading – its like being on holiday all the time but with having to pop into work occasionally and no outdoor pool.  I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden lying on my rug working my way through some good magazines but not so much books as I have to entertain someone else.  It’s funny going from in-depth articles to twinkle twinkle little star. I can normally get in a decent chunk of sunbathing and reading when she does for her big lunch time nap.

So, I’ve done my bit keeping the story going and holding the baby, in more ways than one!


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2 responses to “Left holding the baby

  1. Hey! I can hear you in the Isle of Man you know! It wasn’t a holiday I went on when I bought the Bryson book, it was a work trip!

  2. Thought you were refering to Phil for a minute.

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