Good Morning Vietnam!

Candice: Another depressing facebook post to wake up this morning, the announcement that Robin Williams has taken his own life.  In the last year we have lost a lot of celebrities by choice or by misadventure.  I just don’t understand.

The other week I was talking about being rich and famous off the back of our book.  Now I’m not so sure.  Seriously, I’d love the money but I’m not sure about the fame, it comes with its own problems.  I was reading an interview with Robert Pattinson at the weekend, he hates the monster that is Twilight as he can’t seem to escape the ‘Twi’ fans.  But mate, that franchise is paying your bills!

There is not much difference between the ‘Twi’ fans and then stalker, then nutter going through your bins and taking over your life.  That’s when all the money in the world can’t make you able to go to the local shop without being attacked or paped.

So perhaps I can understand.  In this world of social media and celebrity press, we can’t get enough and that doesn’t give them any space.  I’m not sure if this is why Robin did what he did, I think the other side of being famous is that you don’t really know who you are, and who your friends are, as everyone is after you for something or you get lost in your characters and struggle to cope with day-to-day relality.

So RIP Robin Williams, I hope you have finally found some relief from the pain you must have had.  But please, people, there are better ways to do this and death isn’t one of them.  And, when you are reading that article about the colour of a celeb’s underpants, remember they are human too.


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