The clocks change… Time for a change ?


Candice : Things have been happening in the Nolan household, and the clocks have changed in the UK, something that always makes me think of Christmas coming but also makes me think it’s time for a new start. Plus I came into work today with an email from Phil rubbing in his return from his jolly trip.

Now, obviously I have done this a lot over the years so it’s definitely time for him to get his own back. He’s not the only wanderer to have returned, my sister has just come back from a honeymoon in Mauritius too. So all these photos of hot countries are just making me a bit jealous (and wanting to book a next holiday… luckily I do have a mini break coming up)

But fundamentally its time for a review anyway, and I don’t just mean of a book.  Things have moved on in the writing world of Nolan Parker. We’ve got a publisher, on line only admittedly, but we still have managed to get one thing that we crave.  I’ve become a Mom, something that has changed me fundamentally (and not just because I’m surviving on less sleep) and made me re-think things.  Phil’s been abroad, further than he has ever been on a plane, and he lived to tell the tale.  So yes 2014 has had a lot going on.

And its not finished yet.  We are off to meet our publishers face to face in a few weeks to talk detail on how, where, when and why.  We are going to have a brain storm next week and start plotting book 2, something I felt so inspired about I whipped off 500 words the other day. And we have a lovely lot of followers who regularly read our musingsand some times comment (though I am terrible about replying, sorry about that). Things are very different from when this all started.

And what will 2015 bring?  Well a new government, which might have a completely different impact on Phil and I than it did last time.

But 2014 is not over yet, so lets get some more writing and thinking in before we have a whole new set of resolutions in January.

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