It’s amazing what the mind can do

Planning SeshCandice: After a night that took me back to when my daughter was just weeks old (ie no sleep), I met Phil for a preplanned brain storming session.  I have to say that my heart wasn’t initially into it as I was shattered and some what frazzled.

A latte and muesli started to move me into a better place (though I only drink decaf so its more about the taste of coffee).  After a bracing walk round the local park and some more hot food in our local Weatherspoons I was finally starting to feel human.  Unfortunately in the process we’d probably lost 2hrs of pondering time, but it did move us straight into the ‘throwing post its on the table’ part of the session.

The ideas came thick and fast, though this is not the first time we’ve talked plot for book 2 but its the first time we’ve tried to make it into something real.  1hr 20mins later and we have an end to end main plot line and some additional ideas to keep the interest by adding some comedy asides.

What I like about our partnership is we can question where each idea goes, and does it work or not.  It made me laugh when I knocked something out of the plotting as I knew Kate wouldn’t do it. We really know our characters that well.  And that’s another thing, they are our characters.  When I’m writing the notes, I can also see who would write each part as we definitely fit into one group or another.  Kate is definitely MY character, I write most of her scenes.  Gareth and Kelvin, well they are all Phil.  Love parts – that’s me.  Comedy – probably more Phil.

So we are down to meet again on Friday, one to work on the comments from our publisher on Book 1.. and then the fun stuff, having a bash at writing another book.

And Erin, well her excuse is three new teeth in one go!


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