Timely writing

AustraliaPhil: Candice might suggest that Monday’s chatting session started slowly while she recovered from a lack of sleep but it wasn’t entirely Erin’s fault that she was dozing off.

You see, I was in full Oz-bore mode with tales of my recent holiday. My friend was able to nod politely as I rambled on about the things I’d seen and places I’d been. It was probably best to have run through this without her being fully compos mentis. At least that way I didn’t end up wearing my hot chocolate!

Anyway, the trip to Oz was handy as while there, I found the prefect location to set Book 2. OK, we’ll have to tow it half way around the world but that’s a minor issue. The point is that I’ve had some ideas for months now but nothing really seemed to gel. Until I got off a ferry at… well you’ll have to wait to find out.

With this sorted, roughing out the basic plotline for our book became a lot easier. The other advance is a 500 word scene that Candice wrote a few weeks ago. Without intending to, she provided a perfect turning point for the plot. After a few minutes chat in the pub after food, we realised that she’d also managed to introduce a character who would be incredibly useful to the plot.

A couple of months ago we had none of this. Maybe we’d have come up with suitable alternatives but we both love the plotline that these have given us and now can’t wait to get on with the writing. First though, there is the little matter of finishing the tweaks to Book 1.

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