Curiosity killed the cat?

Candice: No, I’m not referencing an 80’s pop band here, but a recent personality test I did at work.

I’ve done a lot of psychometric tests over the years, in fact they used to say I was a ringer as I have a degree in psychology and had studied these things. Things have moved on in 20 years but fundamentally they are the same underneath, but I found the results of this test the most useful I’d done in ages.

The main thing this test highlighted was my lack of use of my curiosity. It seems that I like to stick my nose into everything and find out what makes it tick, or constantly explore new things, something that my current role is not doing.

Not as a direct response to this but certainly a factor, I’m off to start a new job in a weeks time. Phil and I were discussing this at our other catch up on Friday and how we differ on that front. I love a new challenge and get bored very easily, so have enjoyed changing jobs or projects over the last few years. He doesn’t like the idea of starting somewhere new and prefers something a bit more comfortable and known. Now it’s not going to easy starting this new role. I haven’t actually changed companies in 3 years so I’m going to find it a struggle to learn all their terminology. But I’m certainly going to use my curiosity to its full extent to make the most of it.

This personality trait is also reflected in my need to do more that just work and sit on the couch. Hence the trips to the gym, holidays and writing. I think it’s a good thing, though in recruitment people can see you as flighty and in life it means I’m constantly looking for something new, so not really allowing myself a break. But hey, if that is where my ideas and therefore the great novel we have written, so be it!

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