Be careful of Publishers – all may not be as it seems

Candice: I’m not a follower of ‘vloggers’ but I am aware there are a few out there who have a massive following for their You Tube films.  One is called Zoella and she mainly posts beauty blogs, but it seems she’s also written a fiction book. Or has she…

Released a few weeks ago and expected to be Christmas number one, the book about a being a teenager in the social media world has been warmly received. However, all is not as it seems, as Zoella has admitted that she didn’t actually write the book, she came up with concept and the team at Penguin put it together.

Now she wouldn’t be the first or last ‘celebrity’ to have help with a novel. Some of them can’t even string together a sentence, let alone 80,000 words.  But I think the hoo harr with this is whether she tried to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. She insists she mentioned this in her publicity but it seems that might not have been the case.  So she’s taking a break from the social media world for a while to deal with the backlash.

I’m in two minds about this story.  Part of me is pissed off with anyone who gets away with being published by doing no work at all.  It’s a bit like X Factor contestants or Big Brother winners.  They don’t really have a talent apart for promoting themselves, yet that allows them a level of celebrity. These are Phil’s personal bugbears (Tess Daly included).

But, if I read into some of these stories I think this 24 year old has been taken over by the corporate band wagon.  I’m sure she has some ideas in her head, she can’t have got 6 million followers for nothing, but I would think the people at Penguin saw money and said ‘Don’t worry love, we can put this together’ rubbing their hands at the thought of the sales.  Unfortunately, she’s the one who has to deal with the backlash.

We’ve spoken to Polly Courtney alot and she almost got sucked by the same thing when she had a traditional publishing deal, but being an older, stronger character she knew when she was being made a fool of.

My advice to Zoella is take this time to really write book two and prove everyone wrong.

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  1. For the talentless shall inherit the world. Must admit that I’m surprised at Penguin.

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