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Book PilePhil: The first post of the year is traditionally filled with the bloggers good intentions in the form of New Years resolutions. Why should I buck the trend?

In the past, mention of the new year on this blog has involved saying we will both write more. Let’s face it, that’s what every aspiring novelist says and if they manage to stick to this then it’s one big step towards losing the tag “aspiring”.

I’m feeling a big smug on this point however. Being self-employed and enjoying the sort of flexible lifestyle that allows for a trip to the gym at 8:15am AND working on a project at 10pm, I’m allowed to plan in some novel writing time into the schedule. Wednesday afternoons now involved a trip in to town and a few hours bashing the laptop upstairs in the Library. This is my fiction writing office so no “proper” work is allowed to intrude.

So, if I don’t need to write, what should I resolve?

Not to be published – all being well this is in the process of being sorted out (fingers crossed). Maybe to become as rich as Rowling, Brown and Archer from The Book?

No chance. For a start any income has to be shared with Candice so we’d need to sell twice as many as the others for me to become as rich. On the other hand my idea of a dream car is more Volkswagen than Ferrari so perhaps this isn’t such an issue. It’s not me with the expensive handbag habit!

Maybe I should resolve to make progress on Book 2, but even that is looking promising. We have a plan and at the moment, it looks like words will be written.

No, what I need to do is not write more, but read more.

The stack of books beside my bed has grown over the festive period thanks to a few presents. Since the givers have insisted that they want to read their presents after me, there will be pressure to get a move on too.

My problem is I tend to check e-mail and web stuff on a tablet PC and this has eaten some or all of my reading time. This isn’t deliberate, it just sort of happened. I like reading books. I know reading before sleep is better for me. Proper science studies have shown that this is true too. It’s a routine I need to get back in to.

So: In 2015 I will read more. I’ll tell you this time next year if I managed it. From my private island bought from book sales.

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