Led astray by a young woman

Birthday CakePhil: You know how it is. Settle down at the computer looking forward to an enjoyable browse of a few blogs. First up will be your own as your co-writer will have posted her latest comments. It’s an interesting post with a nice picture of some cake at the top. Reaching the bottom you read,

“Phil doesn’t know this yet, but I want the 80,000 word first draft of Book Two done by June”


Later in the day I met up with la Nolan in the Dorridge branch of a coffee chain. We hid at the back of the shop with our drinks and her toasted sandwich.

“Are you nuts?”, I enquire, “Finish Book 2 by the end of June? We’ve hardly started!”

“Would you like some birthday cake?” she purrs, pushing a small sliver of Hello Kitty cake in my direction while the proprietors weren’t looking.

“OK. Mmmm. Nice cake.”

And we chatted about children’s parties and stuff.

When the sugar rush wore off.

“The end of June? Are you crazy?”

“Have another slice of cake.”

“OK” Munch, munch munch…

Somewhere along the way, it seems I agreed that this deadline was a good idea. In my defence I could say I was led astray by a young woman (you read about it in the newspapers all the time) but in truth we really do need to get going and write this thing – the deadline gives us something to aim at.

5 years ago, Book 1 slowly emerged on the page thanks to a General Election providing us both with the inspiration and unexpected time to do some writing. Life has got in the way a bit since then but now it’s time to crack on and stop gassing.

That afternoon, I wrote the chapter setting up the non-romantic bit of the story.

So we can’t forget the deadline, I’ve put a counter in the sidebar of this blog. Every time we look at it we’ll be reminded how little time is left and you can chide us if we miss the target.


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3 responses to “Led astray by a young woman

  1. So I’m young am I? I like it 🙂

  2. Your Followers are watching! Maybe you need a bit more incentive – I’m offering one of my wife’s Mary Berry Genoa cake if you meet the deadline.

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