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Candice:  Now Phil and I are on the road to write Book Two it seems we have come up against some problems.  Nothing unsolvable, like writers block for example, just lack of knowledge in some of the areas we are writing about. In fact, the one thing we don’t have is writers block, the issue is more having the time to get all the ideas down!

As a reminder, our books feature the crew from KOD, a Management consultancy who specialise in managing big changes in companies.  Book one centres around the close down of a Government run scientific research centre.  Now, Phil has special experience in this area, having worked for one many years ago.  His knowledge of brussel sprouts and scientists is possibly encyclopedic.

My area of specialism is the love story in the book between Kate, KOD’s second in command, and Dave, the man she loved back at University who has reappeared in her life. Now, I have quite a lot of experience in this area 🙂 so that’s not a problem!

However, we have embarked on Book Two and Phil has decided to write about all things MOD (Ministry of Defence).  I won’t give too much away but there will be ships and quite possibly a reference to Die Hard.  Now, again he has some knowledge in this area having a friend who has worked in the industry, and having visited some MOD sites but… we really want to know the truth about these places.

One of my bugbears is reading a book and sitting there thinking ‘that wouldn’t happen’ or ‘that’s not true’.  It doesn’t have to be exact as not everyone will have worked in an MOD building but some truth in the fiction would be good.

Phil has already written a cracking piece on the use of toilets as shelters in case of an attack – true apparently, but we need more.

So, readers, do you work in an MOD building, or know someone who does.  What are the idiosyncrasies of working in this environment, from security checks to the colours on the walls?  Any really good stories may get used in the book, and in return we’ll give you a credit.  Give us a really good, true, story and we might even use your name for one of the characters.

So, can you help?

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