This was supposed to be easy

Candice : Phil suggested the other week that we swap days over for our blog posts.  Since day one I’ve done Tuesday and he Thursday, with an occasional blip for holidays or busy times at work.

I said OK, I’ll give it a go on Monday.  Then I got to Monday night and it felt really odd that I wasn’t jumping on to the PC at 10pm to draft something from whatever was floating around in my brain to be posted the next morning.

Now, it’s Wednesday evening and I am really confused as I was about to turn off my computer and realised – I need to write my blog post.

To be honest my brain is mashed.  I’ve had a full on day working through an extensive to do list and then I’m off to pick up my daughter before heading to the gym, when the other half comes home, to burn off some of the crap I have been eating recently (I hate the short days and dark in the morning and evening). What do you mean I need to think!

But think I will and I’m sure this will soon become second nature to me.  He tells me its easier to write the Thursday post as you can reply to the Tuesday one.  Well all I can see there is even more need to hit the gym 🙂 and a lack of cake!

So this is my first try, lets see what can pop into my head next week.


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One response to “This was supposed to be easy

  1. You see what I have to put up with?

    People say to me, “You’re such a kind chap. A real saint. Always thinking of other people” etc. So I do something nice for a friend and this is the thanks I get. I mean, what’s a chap to do?

    Perhaps I could suggest that La Nolan write her stuff on Monday and tell WordPress to delay publishing. Or perhaps that the gym is an excellent place for inspiration. I find the peck deck particually good for popping random ideas in to my head, which is good ‘cos that’s about all it’s useful for.

    And cake is good. Stop wasting metal energy stressing about cake.

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