The Seafront Tea Rooms by Vanessa Greene

The Seafront Tea RoomsCandice: Phil’s doing a good job of finding me books I like to read at the moment.  He also gave me ‘The Seafront Tea Rooms’ the other week and I’ve worked my way through that one at a pace.

What is it about?  Well the title and cover are a bit twee so I wasn’t sure if it was my cup of tea (no pun intended) but actually its what I like to call a ‘soft and barmy’ book.  Not too challenging, floats along nicely to a good conclusion.  The premise is of three female friends thrown together due to a number of circumstances.

Seraphine – French au-pair who comes to Scarborough to escape a secret she hides from her family.

Kate – single mom looking for something else after her partner leaves and struggling to balance child and her own needs

Charlie – go-getting journalist working her way up the corporate ladder and looking to escape the heartbreak of her relationship with someone at work.

They all meet in the best kept secret tea rooms in Scarborough and build a friendship over macaroons and Earl Grey.

Kate discovers an untapped talent when Charlie has to jump in and help her sister with her marriage break down.  She and Seraphine tour the north east finding the best tea rooms and writing about them for Charlie’s magazine.  Charlie discovers that her sister’s perfect life is not as it seems and that maybe there is some room for a relationship in hers.  And Seraphine owns up to what brought her to the UK, the fact that she has realised she likes girls not boys.

Though not the most taxing of stories the way the three ladies love lives are twisted and turned through the book – Kate finds Adam, the cool guy from school and also Seraphine’s charge’s Dad; Charlie, Euan the son of the Tea Room owner, and Seraphine gets back in touch with the woman she ran way from, keeps it interesting. It all comes good in the end, with an extra twist which I wont tell you about, but I worked out.

So, if you are looking for some light reading over the Easter break, give this one a go, but make sure you have a pot of tea and victoria sponge on hand.

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