Only 10,000 words?

Candice: I’m slightly obsessed at the moment with the number of words we have written for Book 2. When I say we I am taking most of the credit here as I have been on a roll in the last week and Phil’s been playing with his train sets again.  I have whipped through about 3,000 words on one of the main plot setting introduction sections of the book. Now I’ve reached the point where a writing duo comes in handy as I need some advice on where this goes next.

But if you put everything together we seem to have around 10,000 words. But hang on, back in the days of writing Book 1 I can remember asking Phil, ‘how many words are in the average book?’After some research he came back with 80,000. Eighty thousand ! Blimey well we’ve got a long way to go to get to that. But we said that the first time round and we got there.

I don’t know why I am obsessing so much on the numbers. We have a really good plot plan and there is still a lot of this to cover, so the book will be as long as it takes to craft out the story… But it’s good to have something to check on progress and word count is as good as any. 

It’s abit like me checking my gps watch when I run. I know how far I am going and when it says three miles that only means I’ve got a lot more to cover before I get to the end, but I still like to check. 

Best get our heads down and carry on !

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