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MAN BooksPhil: Book 2 calls for two or three sections written in a different style to our normal humorous chick-lit work. The scenes involve some macho action and it seems that since I don’t do the soppy romance stuff, they fall to me.

So, some research was called for. I’m not a proper blokey bloke and had never read one of those books aimed at men with guns and explosions on the front cover. Good grief, the Nolan has me reading chick-lit, so I needed to man up put on my best camo gear and delve in.

A quick dig in the bookshelves of a charity shop saw me furnished with something by Chris Ryan and Tom Wood. Both turned out to be pretty good reads and I flipped through each of them in a few days.

What did I learn?

Books for blokes are just like chick-lit except that instead of brand names being dropped, we have types of gun exploding into the text at regular intervals. In fact, Mr Ryan helpfully includes a list of weapons and a glossary for anyone now familiar with military terms in the front of the book. I referred to it regularly.

The biggest surprise was from “Tenth Man Down” where the subheading is “Who wins, the SAS or the Navy Seals”. There is only one Navy Seal in the story and he rescues the hero before being killed. To make matters worse, the cover shows abseiling from a Chinook helicopter and there’s none of that going on at all.

Another problem I have is that the leads in both books take endless amounts of physical punishment and don’t die. It’s not that I wanted them to peg out, but chapter after chapter of being beaten up, stabbed and even shot and yet they are still able to defeat adversaries far younger, stronger, bigger and fitter.

Did all this help me?

Not much. I know is that I’ll need to look up some of the equipment employed and bang on about it. Makes a change from dropping names from the fashion world.

That, and if you rescue a German woman from a light aircraft crash, she’ll eventually kill you and eat your liver. You never know whan that sort of intel will come in handy.

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