It could be worse

Phil: Funerals can be funny things. You’ve known someone for years and then suddenly there’s a revelation that surprises you. Years ago, I found out that one friend had nearly driven in the Le Mans 24 hour race yet I remembered him losing his driving license for being too disorganised to arrange car insurance.

Anyway, last week, I was stood in the local crematorium celebrating the life of Andy Moss. I do mean celebrating too. No turgid hymns here, 200 of us belted out “On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at”, possibly the least appropriate song for a funeral and hilarious because of it.

I’d known Andy as a railway modeller. He was superb miniature figure sculptor, a skill very, very few exhibit any level of ability in. His career had been with the Police which is why the hearse had a motorcycle escort and not because it had been speeding. We left the service to the sound of the dawn chorus, tribute to Andy’s love of ornithology.

The surprise (for me) was as well as all the other accomplishments in his life, he was a poet. One of his works was read out to us and, especially considering the circumstances, is incredibly uplifting. We all have bad days when everything looks black. In the future, I’ll remember this:

It could be worse.

By Andrew Moss

There can be days when you’re feeling down,

Even your morning might start with a frown.

You mope about all over the place

With a miserable look upon your face.

But however much your grumble and curse,

Console yourself that it could be worse.


You look at your possessions but it still seems unfair,

You’re convinced that you don’t have your “rightful” share.

A trip to the shops to see what more you can buy,

A bit of retail therapy might help you feel high.

Then you find there is less than you thought in your purse;

Things aren’t important and it still could be worse.


Of far greater value than fabulous wealth,

Is to be able to enjoy life while perfect health.

But even if you should find you’re seriously ill

And you need to have more than a potion or pill;

Spare a thought for the person in the passing hearse

And they you might realise that things could be worse.


So even if you think it’s as bad as could be

And you want to complain and should out, “WHY ME?”

Take a look at the World through reports on the News,

When you see all the suffering you’ll soon change your views.

Take the time to reflect on what’s contained in this verse;

If you think you’re hard done by, it still could be worse.

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  1. Very true, especially the News – there is always someone worse off than you, who have suffered far more over the years. Talking of suffering – only 22 days, eh?

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