Learning to Walk Again… a pun on the Foo Fighters

Candice: It was supposed to be a big day in the Nolan calendar today. I was supposed to be driving down to London, to Wembley stadium, to watch ‘Foo Fighters’ this evening, but as we all know Dave Grohl had a bit of a stage boo boo last week and has broken his leg.

I’d been really excited about this.  I bought the tickets back in December and it was one of those situations where I’d heard about the tour on the radio and was poised and ready over the PC at 10am that morning ready to keep refreshing until I got a ticket.  Well it was even easier than that as it was such a big venue so I got tickets straight away.  So they have been sat in my drawer waiting for today.

In the mean time I’ve seen other bands but none as waited for as these guys.  Years ago I saw them in Hyde Park, this was pre-kids for most of my friends so we had a lovely afternoon in the sun waiting for them to come on and then a good mosh out.

But no, I’m listening to the radio last Saturday when they start talking about Dave Grohl, lead singer of Foo Fighters, having fallen off stage.  As the day progresses the story becomes more detailed outlining how he’d missed a jump during a particularly rocky number and broken his leg.  And then they cancelled the next two concerts.  So the speculation became – will he do it in a wheel chair, like he did after he broke it, or will it be cancelled.  Half of me wanted it to be cancelled as i wanted to see the man on full form, but the other half still wanted to see them.  But when the final news came on Wednesday that it definately wasn’t happening the depression set in. and its still here today.

The date is even annoying as Blur are playing Hyde Park this weekend, someone else I’d like to see, but I didn’t get tickets because of today, damn I could have gone!

I really don’t know what is going to make up for it.  It looks like we are going to get refunds, rather than them rearranging the gig, which is really disappointing as who knows when they will tour again, and if I’ll be able to get tickets!

So I’m going to meet Phil soon and we can talk book and other stuff to get me out of the doldrums, but I’ll still be playing all my Foo’s albums today and closing my eyes to think of Dave.

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One response to “Learning to Walk Again… a pun on the Foo Fighters

  1. brightonbipolar

    Huge respect to Dave Grohl for returning to finish the concert after his fall! If only other musicians had as much respect and consideration for their fans…

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