Dress to impress

Candice:  I’ve had an interview for an internal post in the last week.  Its been a strange experience as I am used to going for external jobs and not telling any one about it until afterwards.  But this was the worst kept secret.

So Thursday lunch time sees me sat in the reception of a local hotel waiting for the call to go up.  I’m watching Andy Murray, who happens to win his match while I am waiting which I can only take as a good sign.

I found about the details of the interview on my return from holiday. I knew it was coming but it was still a strange week last week.  Once I knew venue, times and the fact I had to do a presentation, did I spend hours pouring over this?  No I went out to buy a new outfit.

Like the protagonist in our book, who uses her clothes as armour to protect her from the outside world, I have to be dressed right or I don’t feel right. Kate uses her designer wardrobe to create a persona which means nothing and no-one can get in her way.

In my case, it’s not quite as net-a-porter as Kate’s wardrobe but I did go to the interview with my Mulberry Alexa.  The dress, however. was only Yumi but it was just as essential in the equation.  I bought two dresses and then ransacked my wardrobe, but in the 29 degree heat there were only certain things that would cut it.

So why all the drama for an outfit?  I think its more of a girl thing than a boy thing but I have to feel comfortable, whether its presentation or interview, if I don’t like what I am wearing then I don’t come across as well or feel as confident.  Whatever works is my motto, so new outfit it is.  The worst comes when you can’t find that perfect something – then you get even more worked up!

I’m waiting to hear the results but I think it went well, and I felt like the bee’s knees in my dress.

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