Doing your homework

Candice : opening scene. 1940’s classroom with rows of single desks. There are only two desks occupied by some extremely over sized pupils.

Pupil one is over 6 ft tall. His hair is spiked up at the top and his face is filled by a big pair of glasses. Underneath his desk a pair of squeezed in hairy legs can be seen sticking out of grey short trousers. 

Pupil two is further back. She’s twirling her hair and loudly chewing gum, tapping her pencil on the desk in an annoying rhythm. Her crossed legs can be seen under the table, one foot swinging.

“Parker, have you done your home work ?” Pupil one looks up and nods vigorously at the teacher. “Yes, sir. I’ve dotted my i’s and crossed all my t’s.”

“Well done, Parker. Gold star for you at next report.” Parker smiles in a satisfied way, turning to look at the other pupil. 

The teacher turns to the other pupil. She looks at him and spits out her gum. “Nolan, have you anything to give me?” She mutters under her breath. “What was that Nolan, I didn’t quite hear you.”

“No Sir, I haven’t done it.” She looks defiantly at the teacher. 

“Well that’s not good enough, Nolan. We are all relying on you. Parker is particularly dependent on you so he can get the next parts of his gold star project done. What’s are you going to do about it?”

“Nothing.” She looks at the teacher and then the floor.

“Come on Nolan, we know you are just putting this on. You don’t really mean that.”

The female pupil puts her head on the desk. A mumbling noise can be heard emanating from under her hands. 

 “Lift your head up Nolan. We can’t hear you.” 

“I can’t do anymore. I’ve got too much on my plate at the moment.” 

“Ok, well that’s fair enough. You just needed to say.” The teacher sits at their desk. “When can you do the work for?”

 Nolan lifts her head off the desk. “I need to have some time off work in a week or so to recover from some treatment, I was thinking I could do it then.” 

“That sounds fair enough. Ok with you Parker ?”

Parker nods, and then picks up his pen and carries on writing. 

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