What’s in a word?

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Theroux

Candice: It’s amazing what rubbish the world now discusses as they have the opportunity to have verbal diarrhea through social media.

What has been causing a storm in the last week – whether or not Jennifer Aniston will be hypenating her name now she has married Justin Theroux.  Come on people, there have been bombs and explosions recently surely that is more important!

Anyway, we all get pulled in by the cult of celebrity but I found this interesting article yesterday which delved a bit more into where hyphen’s came from and how we all misuse punctuation marks.

I have to say I’m as bad as the rest in not knowing when to ‘s or s (its all about belonging apparently or contracting).  One job I had a member of our team had a MA in English Language so she was our go-to lady for all things grammar and punctuation.  I learn’t alot from her but without that regular conversation I’ve forgotten most of it!

I can also remember a few years ago a friend reading one of our early proofs and she only got so far.  Why?  We she got obsessed with our lack of hyphenation.  The book came back with red marks in the first few pages as she marked up what was incorrect, when I spent all my time telling her to concentrate on the story and not the spelling.  Lets say I haven’t let her have a copy since.

So, people, learn your grammar and punctuation and use it as much as you can for practice.  Snapchatting, Facebooking or Tweeting do not help these things!

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  1. Used have to mark ad and brochure copy up for the typesetters with little marks such as # for insert and odd squiggles which I got wrong when the copy came back from the proof-readers.

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