The importance of communication

talking toddler

Candice: I’ve been thinking about this over the last few weeks as the newer member of the household has started to tell us how she feels.

About two months ago we had a few words, ‘Daddy’ being the main one.  But now they are coming thick and fast as each day she learns something new.  You have to be careful too as something you say out of hand gets repeated back to you a day or so later.  I’ve told the other half he has to go easy on the swearing, especially in the car.

But it’s amazing to watch this little personality develop.  She can now tell us when she is hungry, if she has had enough food (or like last night the bowl gets put back down on the table with a “More”, it’s just like Oliver Twist) if she is tired and lots of other things which make life so much easier.  If we say bed time the next thing you know she is at the bottom of the stairs waiting to be taken to bed.  If she wants her teddy or cuddle blanket then she can ask for them.  It’s lovely to be able to communicate with her and I’m looking forward to how this develops, until we get to the ‘no I wont’ stage!

But Phil and I have been having communication issues too, both between each other and some external parties we have been desperately waiting for an answer from.  I find the world of email doesn’t always help.  It makes it easier to contact people but also much easier to misinterpret what they say or fill your day with answering the little short things and not actually getting anything done.

So I’m going to take a leaf out of Erin’s book and do some face to face talking and see if I can a) get some writing done and b) sort some of our publication issues.

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