So thats the summer over then?

Candice:  For those of us in the Midlands, yesterday has to be the biggest wash out bank holiday I have seen in a long time.  Having been stuck in bed since Friday recuperating I was hoping for a short spin round the block and a chance to get some fresh air, but no, the UK decided to do its usual and give us two weeks rain in two hours!

So today I am trying to get motivated with more grey skies and rain to come.  No wonder I am obsessed with the weather functions on the BBC website – when will the sun come back?  I have to say I am very sunshine driven.  Phil takes the mickey out of my regular holidays but I have to say they are not a nicety – they are a need.  I dread to think that that was it for the UK summer, sat here in my jumper and fleece writing this as I am. I’ve even watched ‘Lorraine’ this morning and it was all about autumn fashion, I’m shouting at the TV “I’m not ready for that yet!”

But, the forecasters gave me hope that there might be that fateful ‘Indian Summer’ coming, ie a nice September.  I do hope so as I really need one last session to get my (fake) tanned legs out and see the summer out.  I was supposed to be going to see Foo Fighters again on Saturday but due to my current situation I am banned from pogging so that’s a no, again, but it looks like it would have been a damp gig anyway.

I have promised Phil I will write so I’d better get my finger out. As that is about all I can do at the moment as movement is limited I’ve not excuse. So I will be spending the week doing light walks, napping and some writing but it would be nicer if I could do that with some sun outside so I can have my cup of tea on the bench in the garden and get some rays.

If not, its all down hill to Christmas, but at least I’ve a week abroad coming soon which will help before I really get the winter boots out.


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2 responses to “So thats the summer over then?

  1. Nah. We always get the best weather the day the kids go back to school. It’s the irony of out wonderful British climate.

  2. Ah ha, slightly proved wrong today so fingers crossed.

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