Should we start at the end?

CocoPhil: Last Sunday, I spent a few hours looking after my sisters dogs. While lovely animals, they are hopeless conversationalists and so my plan was to spend the time writing the first draft of Book 2’s conclusion.

Progress was good. I had the advantage that our recent cake-fuelled discussions pretty much mapped out the main plot points I needed. The result should have been the writers equivalent of dot-to-dot. Start here, go there, and then there. Just fill in the bits in the middle.

All this is pretty much how it went, except that as I approached the end, it seemed very natural to take a little detour. A few hundred words popped in a little diversion that while we hadn’t planned it, fitted the mood required.

Writers are always talking about characters developing a life of their own and that was the case here. More than that though, the plot developed a life of it’s own. I knew what I was writing would work because it seemed so natural.

Anyway, just over 4000 words later, I passed the result over to Candice who read, giggled and said ‘yes’.

Now we have the ending, there is work to do to add in some scenes to get us there. I’ve also had an idea for a further twist and sub-plot to enrich the overall story arc. Oddly, that will fit in with a piece already written, but that I didn’t know was going in that direction at the time.

I almost wonder if writing Book 3 should start at the end. After all, JK Rowling wrote the last chapter of the Harry Potter stories when she produced the first book and then stuck it away in a safe, so the method has shown previous success.

Talking of directions, a final tweak gave me what I thought at the time was a very neat ending. Right up until I realised that the sun sets in the West and not the East, exactly the opposite way to what I needed. Grrrr.


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3 responses to “Should we start at the end?

  1. Could be set on a planet far,far, away or a parallel universe.

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