How social media has changed the world

Candice: I went to a wedding reception this weekend.  I have known the bride for years as she and I met over manicures and then have become friends.

When I got married seven years ago, the bride was the one who did my pre-wedding prep: nails, massage etc etc. I can still see the room, remember the conversations and feel the slight shell shock that my wedding was the next day. So it was nice to join her on her big day all these years later.

However, it was also interesting to see how things have changed.  Just after I go married was when I joined Facebook as I wanted people who hadn’t been able to come to the day to see the pictures.  However, there were lots of people who weren’t even on Facebook so this just covered a few of our friends.  I waited a few weeks for the professional photos to arrive and then posted a select few.

Seven years on, within hours of the event, I could watch footage of the speeches, first dance and see photos from across the day – all through Facebook. And still they come.

It is the thing now to take pictures and record your life through social media.  I am only on FB and Twitter, forget Instagram or anything else, I really don’t have the time.  We came back from the wedding and had a few nice photos of us which have been posted.  What did we take them for ?  Record for ourselves of how we have changed and for posting on Facebook.  The picture is unlikely to get printed or put in an album.

To be honest I am not sure how I would feel about my private function getting a public airing. Some things are meant to be between you and your friends.  But as someone who didn’t go to the whole day at least I can join in the fun.

The same can be said about our book I suppose. I am nervous about the point where it is out there, as there is the opportunity to critique (something no one would do publicly with a wedding photo) but for people to read it it has to have its day in the light.  Roll on Christmas (or maybe not…)

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  1. With hardly anyone printing photos, in the future there won’t be any surprises when you look in the back of a drawer in your grannies old chest of drawers and find old, faded, brown prints of you when you were three in the back garden or on the beach in Clacton. Just an odd bit of blue plastic which nothing can read.

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