Flying without wings

Candice: So while Phil has been stalking someone on the train I have been flying around Europe (both literally and figuratively) for work.

I do enjoy my new job, but at the moment we are motoring towards year end and its all about planning and budgets.  I spend a lot of my time doing spreadsheets or presenting ideas to people to get their OK.

The other time is spent brainstorming ideas with different companies or other people within my company who are based in Europe (hence the flying).

You know you are tired when you fall asleep on the sofa on a Monday night!

Then alongside this Phil is busy getting us ready for the big launch, the star that he is.  We’ve got Kindle log ons, Amazon accounts and all kinds of fun stuff to get us out by Xmas.  And we will get there by hook or by crook (though I think I’ll need to take a day off to do it)

The other thing than really gets me at the moment is the dark nights.  The need to turn the lights on at 4.30pm and then really all you want to do is eat some stodge, curl up on the sofa and forget it.  Even me, as the most motivated exerciser, needs an extra kick to get out the door.

But, motivated I am and motivated to finally rub the nose of people by saying I’m a published author, what a great Christmas present that will be. (on a par with the bag I have planned as my Xmas present I would say, but just)

Roll on last proofing sessions, mad tweeting to promote it and then relaxing with a large glass of prosecco and throwing some shapes at the xmas party.

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