How to self publish – the idiot’s guide (or the guide by two idiots..)

Candice: Time is a ticking.  Phil and I have a deadline, and its not the one on the side of this blog. All thoughts of finishing book 2 have gone out the window to get book 1 out the door.  Why did we not do this earlier?

In dropbox sits a lovely laid out book, waiting for me to proof before we tick and few boxes and it goes live.  OMG!

I’ve been surfing around guides on How to Self Publish, all written by Self and ‘Real’ published experts.  The general gist is its easy, in fact it’s a no brainer, and Amazon is the place to do it.

Now I know a lot of people have issues with big conglomerates.  I’m not a big fan and do like buying things from the small as well as the large, but I’ve still got a stream of boxes landing at my door as Christmas approaches as its easier to get certain things on line than go to the shop. (Though I did pick up a lovely pair of boots in Jones sale today…)

But in this one site I have been reading they do give good reasons why the Amazon deal is the way to go.  Including how people are ready to spend when they hit their site, unlike just general browsing, they have good SEO so that people can find you easily (in fact they put a lot of cash into being high up on google search) and they can open your audience with their recommendations.

So lets go with the big beast and see where we go from here.  I just need to get on with the proofing and we can get it out the door.  Keep your credit cards ready for D day!

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