An offer for Black Friday

Candice: I’ve been thinking about clever marketing ploys both at work and for the launch of the book.

Yes, there is that word again ‘launch’.  As of a week Friday (ie not Black Friday but the week after) the book will be officially out there.  No pressure on me as I am only up to Chapter 14 on the proof reading, but Phil and I have set ourselves a date, and I have also told my work I want to do the business wide email on that day – and the topic of  my email is clever marketing ploys.

So what is my one for this blog post?  Picking up what is in the zeitgeist and putting it in your blog (or tweet or other form of social media).  So what is being talked about at the moment – well the big shopping phenomenon of Black Friday.

It only really hit the UK last year and it went so well/badly (depending on which retailer you are) that they are doing it again. I think the fights over cut price tellies have put people like Asda off but some are still going for it so I will be keeping my eyes peeled.  Martin Lewis was even talking about it on his money saving show tonight.

But how does that work in self promotion? Well, our SEO (ie what people use to find out site) is not that high. We don’t pay for it so its all about the words that we write about. By putting in a term that people are looking for then you might pop up on their google search and be of interest.

But then you might get alot of people going, “I was looking for discounts at John Lewis”  But to anyone who has navigated to our site – look out for a book called Kate vs the DirtBoffins – available on Amazon soon.

Right – best get back to the proof reading.

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