Christmas is coming early!

Candice: Yes Christmas is coming and there will be extra presents in the world of Nolan Parker as Thursday sees D day for ‘Kate vs the Dirtboffins’.  Five years of blood, sweat and tea (and yes I mean tea) mean that you will finally be able to buy the book.

This whole experience has been somewhat surreal and I can’t actually believe it is happening but there you are.  There has been a lot of late night proof reading and strange emails going back and forth (even one this morning that got blocked by my work server for being profane).

What are the two more important things we need for this launch.  One: a good blurb, two: a book cover.

The blurb is still being tweaked but the cover I was very lucky to have a friend who designs book covers for a living to help us.  Kari came up with a  range of designs, all of which were close to the mark but then when I said Kate loved her shoes we hit on this one. shoes new (2)It hits the right note of defining the book as Romantic Comedy/Chick Lit but is not too wishy washy I hope.  I love the red shoes as they are striking but that little bit of dirt would really annoy our protagonist, Kate.

Now time to finish the blurb and then we’ll be expecting you all to  buy it   on Friday !

Oh and if you want a cover designed you can find her at



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2 responses to “Christmas is coming early!

  1. Congratulations to the two of you and wishing you great success – are signed copies available? (I wasn’t too far off with my idea for the cover then)!

    • Thanks Neil.

      I’m working a print on demand version to go live at the same time. I’m sure we can sort signed copies. A first edition Kate vs novel could be worth a fortune one day!

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