Kate vs The Dirtboffins – On Sale Now!

A nice cup of tea, chocolate teacake and an excellent read.

Today is the day. After a longer than expected gestation period, our first book, Kate vs The Dirtboffins is on sale today!

We are both properly excited about this. Sitting in an office bashing ideas around for want of something better to do, this day seemed a very long way away. Now our story is released out into the wild where we hope it finds plenty of friends.

You can buy the e-book from Amazon here – £1.99

Printed copies are available from Lulu – £5.99 plus postage

Thank you to everyone who helped along the way:

  • Those who read early versions and provided opinions, even when they weren’t quite what we wanted to hear.
  • Kari for the wonderful cover design.
  • Michael Gove for making us redundant and inspiring the whole thing.
  • And everyone who reads this blog for keeping us on track when life got in the way of writing.

So, don’t just sit there, get your copy today!

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