So here it is …

XmasDecCandice: There have been many conversations on this blog over the years about Christmas. There is the well referenced fact that I used to have Noddy Holder’s mobile number. For those of you living on another planet he wrote and performed the biggest Christmas record in history.

There is also my role in ‘Nativity‘, a Christmas film that came out a few years ago, featuring yours truly, right behind Pam Ferris playing drunk.

And if you look along the left hand side of this blog you will see some short stories Phil and I have written including a Christmas themed one.

So, I think you will find that Christmas is important in the Nolan Parker world. Unfortunately, this year the Nolan part of that team has been laid up for the last week with the leurgy. It’s a bit annoying because I paid for a flu jab a month or so ago to try to stop this happening.

So the pre-Christmas celebrations have been paused, as well as the ability to do some book promotion.

But hopefully this week will start to get things back on track. It’s my team Xmas party on Thursday so I’m planning to make this horrible blocked nose disappear by then so I won’t be on the dance floor having to stop to blow my nose all the time.

Tomorrow I am off to do some Christmas present wrapping for a children’s charity, wearing my Christmas jumper and singing along to Christmas songs.

Then on Friday, Phil and I will be meeting for our last get together of this year. I suspect to talk about books, sign some copies to circulate and finally get those pictures taken. I’m planning to make sure I can cover the sore, snotty nose with makeup by then !

So enjoy that build up to Christmas and I hope you feel better than I do !

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