I always wanted my own figurine

Candice: Re-reading Phil’s post from Tuesday (written as favour as my Monday was a bit of a nightmare) he’s touched on two things than have been close to my heart.

One: Lego/Playmobile and all the other toys like that you can now get.  We’ve got Happy Land toys in our house too as that seems to be the new Playmobile.

I loved playing with all of these things growing up – I used to build whole words in Lego until my Dad gave half of my bricks away to some one else.  Funnily enough we have been ranksacking my parents loft recently for my boxes of bricks and can’t find them anywhere.

Two: Having a model of me.

Its the big thing that pop artists or franchise stars talk about – that moment when they get so famous they have a fully representative model made.  Phil’s already been working at this with 3 D printing but I’m not sure we are at the point yet where we could actually sell some.

I do like the idea of having our book made into to some kind of movie – be that ‘Lego vision’ or panavision but I’m not sure I want to be the doll that people take home.  Its got to be Barbie and Ken versions of our protagonists Kate and Dave where you can play ‘will they or won’t they’ get together.  In fact a board game might even be better.

‘Can you navigate the KOD team through the pitfalls of closing a company and help Kate find her man? Available soon from Hasbro.’

Anyone know a company that might bite?


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