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Candice: So this week I have a new challenge.  Phil and I have come up with a hair-brained scheme to sell more books, more about that in a future blog, however making it work involves writing some terms and conditions.

I do have some experience in this area through previous and my current job, though I normally have a team of legal advisors to help me work out if they are right or wrong.  But this time we are on our own.

If we can get them right it will mean a lovely thing we can talk about and run some PR around, and hopefully shift us into the hundreds of books sold.

But, like all writing, I’m struggling where to start.  Running on the treadmill last night I had a few things rolling round in my head but I need to get them down on paper.  It’s just like writing for the book but without all the exciting story lines,  ‘It’s just the facts’.

This is all part of the next stage of being a published author.  You can’t just put something out there and then hope it will be read.  Every day you need to be coming up with creative ideas to make people buy it, when you don’t have the name and don’t have the big publisher marketing budget.  We just need to keep chipping away and then we’ll have sold a hundred, two hundred and onwards.

So keep your eyes peeled

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