And the PR machine gets rolling

Candice: So I finally pulled my finger out over the weekend and issued our press release about the book.  I even came up with a funny header line – something that takes me back to brainstorming sessions when I worked for Birmingham City Council where we all sat round trying to come up with a cracker for our press release.  Yes, the council  did do things that needed funny headlines, well at least the part I worked for in Leisure and Tourism.

I have to say in those days issuing a press release also involved faxing it to a list attached to the fax machine and then ringing round to check it was received, not emailing it direct to the right person, how things have changed. So hopefully this weekend will see our mug shot in the local press and a few more books sold.

Doing any PR really does take me back a few years to something I loved doing.  I didn’t enjoy doing the ring round and trying to sell a story though.  The guy on the picture desk at the Post and Mail was quite abrupt and if you didn’t get him within the first five words he’d cut you off!  But the excitement of getting coverage and seeing something you’d written and set up actually in the paper, on the radio or even TV was the thing that made your day.

I haven’t really done it for a few years now (though I do have a PR agency that I manage at work) but I do like to dip my toe in occasionally and try and remind myself how its done.

So what is the release about… well all will be revealed later in the week but I’ll give you a taster with the header.

“By Gove I think he’s done it!”

Make of that what you will….

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