Introducing Dandylion Publishing


Phil: Many, many months ago, you will have heard us mention that we’d done a deal with a publisher. Then things went quiet and just before Christmas we self-published on Amazon. You might have wondered what was up.

Well, truth was that we really had signed a deal, but the process of coming to market took longer than anyone expected so we decided to jump early. Our publishers are the newly launched Dandylion Publishing.

We showed Jade and Sarah our novel 18 months ago they loved it. After the usual round of edits, some of which we agreed with and so we ignored (they took it very well), the book joined their list and then things went quiet as the list was built in preparation for the website launch. Anyone who has been involved with a start-up business knows that things take longer than expected so went away and started work on Book 2.

However, Monday saw the “soft launch” of the business so we can tell you about it properly.


Two aspects of Dandylion appealed to us:

First, they aren’t based in London. When we met the owners, they explained they wanted to work in publishing but not to relocate to the capital from Leeds. You might not think this matters much but we were determined to set our book in the Midlands and London publishers like London locations.

Second, the business model works well for authors. If Dandylion accept your book, you agree terms for publishing based on a series of services they offer. No money changes hands but you agree how much each party receives from every sale. We’ve gone for the full-fat Fitzgerald service which included copy editing, proof reading, story structure suggestions etc. as producing a quality book mattered more than the income.

For the writer, it means that the publisher has a financial interest in selling copies of your book. If they don’t than they see no return on the work they have put in.

So, if you are an author looking for a publisher, give Dandylion a go. We’ve met them and been bought dinner (OK, a TGI Friday burger each, this IS a new business) and they are lovely people. Of course we like anyone who loves our book, so perhaps we are biased.

And if you are a reader interested in something new for your e-Book thingy, then see what their growing collection can offer you.

Visit: Dandylion Publishing.


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