Wickham Hall by Cathy Bramley

Candice: The other week I was in the supermarket and along side the weekly shop I dropped into the book aisle.

Now, a few years ago I would have been a regular loiterer, as well as being seen in second hand book stores, but now a regular read is not so high on my list of priorities so I don’t go there as often.

However, in between baby meals and veg I fancied something to keep me entertained.  I also knew I had some reading time coming up with a two day trip away from home coming up.  So I picked up ‘Wickham Hall’.  The description on the back caught my eye, mainly because the main character’s name was Holly Swift, and the last name Swift is my alter ego. But it also seemed like a fun romp (as we like to say in literary circles). I also liked the fact it was based in Stratford upon Avon and Henley in Arden, both areas close to my home, so I could picture them taking tea on the high street or going to the pub by the river.

The book itself is based around Holly getting her dream job as Events Coordinator at her local stately home.  Growing up in its shadow she has been there many a time for an walk round the gardens or a summer festival but this means she can actually be part of it. However, as this is a romantic comedy, things don’t go exactly to plan as her new boss has to leave and she’s left holding the fort until the heir to the home returns, forced into his role as Events Manager until he takes over the whole place. Of course, he doesn’t want the job so sparks fly and we have enough twists and turns before we get to the finale where they head off together into the sunset.  (Sorry plot spoiler).

The book was originally serialised as four parts and you can tell as you get to the end of each season.  I have to admit, as I raced through the book, I would have struggled to wait the next few months for the next one!

I really enjoyed this book.  It was exactly the kind of in-flight/hotel read I needed as a nice piece of escapism.  I have to say my trip was quite boring and this made the dark dreary hours disappear.

Well worth a read, or save it for the sunbed on your next holiday.


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