Another week, another bug!

Candice:  All in all it has been another interesting week in the Nolan household.  I’ve had a few days off work and had planned to do some book marketing/writing stuff.  However, as is always the way there aren’t enough hours in the day/week/year to do what I need to do and to cap it all I have been ill, AGAIN!

So, over my days off I’ve stripped the wall paper in our back bedroom and prepped it for decorating, been to a Mother’s Day tea party, watched Andy and Jamie Murray thrash the Japanese in Davis Cup Tennis doubles, and then spent all day in bed with a stomach bug.

Now this one I don’t think I can blame on the daughter. To be honest I’m not sure where it came from exactly but I do know one is doing the rounds.  Let us just say 12hrs of being sick on a regular basis was not the best way to spend my Mother’s day.  I did get that lie in they all talk about you getting on Mother’s day but not for the right reasons.  I did not actually get out of bed on Sunday!

I feel much better today considering, but a bit weak which is not surprising.

So my planned book marketing activity has all gone to pot.  After the first press release didn’t cut it (I’ve obviously lost my touch), round two is in the  making plus a plan to use some of my insider knowledge from work to decide when is the best time to send it. And I might have to badger them with a phone call too.

I was also going to have  play with tweet deck so I can do some planned social media activity to keep those steadily rising follower figures going up.

And I was planning to carry on my new gym regime, started last week and something that was really motivating me.

So, its back to the drawing board for this week, gym trips included in that, but I’m sure I can work out a new plan.

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