Enjoying springtime


Phil: Sat in John Lewis cafe this week with Candice, we both agreed that writing mojo has been missing recently. Truth is that life has been getting in the way of authoring recently.

Life is that stuff you have to do that fills your waking hours and stops you doing the things you dream you really want to do.

Self-help gurus will tell you to stop doing dull stuff and concentrate on things that make you happy. That’s lovely for them but like most stuff in the self-help industry, it’s difficult to reconcile with real life. You can’t stop going to work just because you fancy skipping through pastures dressed in something floaty from Laura Ashley and looking like the lead from a Timotei Shampoo advert.

However, it is important to have a dream and keep plodding toward it. After all, you do the dull stuff like visiting the supermarket and cleaning the car for a reason. If that’s all there is then I’m off to Dignitas. The gurning idiots in the adverts might be excited by 25 different types of washing powder but I rather hope there is more to life than wondering which one will soften without fading colours.

Anyway, another thing I’m struggling with at the moment is going to the gym. It’s not life getting in the way but roadworks. A set of roadworks between me and the leisure centre that would require me to spend 25 minutes in a traffic jam each way every time I wanted to go. Since I’m not that much of a fan, I usually find something better to do. Three weeks and counting so far and judging from the lack of work going on behind the cones, it could be another 3 before things return to normal.

In this case this cloud has a silver lining. I love springtime. It’s by far my favourite season full of new life bursting out everywhere, and every year I always think, “I must get outside and make the most of it” and every year I am busy and it’s summer before I know it.

So, in place of the gym, I’m taking a morning constitutional. That is, I go for a stroll when I should be lifting weights. I take a camera and snap scenes along the way.


I love walking and find it helps me think. In my head I have a good start on the spiel for our session at the literary festival, or at least the opening few minutes. That’s when I’m not simply letting my mind drift, which is quite a lot actually.

Anyway, next time Team NolanParker meet up, hopefully one of us will have enjoyed Prosecco on the patio with the girls and I’ll have enjoyed a good few pleasant walks in the gradually improving weather. And we’ll be as full of mojo as we were of coffee cake on Monday.


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