A little bit of exercise does you good

house07Candice: I went to body combat last night. It’s part of my usual routine, though at the moment I have ramped up my gym activity as there is a holiday looming so the bikini calls. Also I feel like I am finally coming out of the winter low, it’s not got hot yet (well not for longer than a day) but it’s lovely and light in the morning which makes me feel better when I have to get up at stupid o’clock to go to London.

So there was I punching and kicking to my hearts content but also thinking about what I need to do.  There is a scene in our book where Kate is giving it some on the cross trainer as she has had a bad day. I didn’t have a bad day really but just focused on what I needed to get done in this 4 day week before the lovely long weekend.

So I was planning my outfit for today, smart but sensible as I am on the tube. Thinking about what we might be able to get done this weekend as the epic redecorating of the back bedroom is a moving along again (old house means you always find more problems when you peel back the wallpaper). Planning what we are going to do with the little person to keep her entertained. So that was probably why I didn’t always get the routines first time !

I know Phil has mentioned he is struggling to get to the gym. At the moment I am not, I’m struggling to find time to do other stuff around my gym attendance. Thank god I’m not trying a to train for a half marathon again this year !

But I do find it worth while. An hour working out helps to clear the brain and sort out problems, and somewhere in there there might be a germ of an idea for a story.

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