Not what you bargained for

Candice: When I was growing up there were strict rules about the eating of Easter eggs. Each egg would take three days to eat, splitting the two sides of the main egg in half and then eating the middle.

I’m not very good at having willpower. Usually having cake or chocolate in the house means I have to have a nibble at them. But this whole rule about the Easter eggs was one that was not broken, even across all these years.

However, in the last few years I haven’t really had eggs for Easter, I’ve had bars of chocolate as I really like a nice expensive style from hotel chocolat.  But since the arrival of an extra member of the family we have old fashioned eggs in the house. Well I thought they were… But they have changed. No longer are there three parts to egg, now there is only one.

Yes, disappointingly the world has changed. Due to cost cutting I would assume, you now get one whole egg and no goodies inside, well unless you go a lot bigger. How am I supposed to teach my daughter about restraint when it’s hard not to eat it all in one go !

When writing it’s hard to be constructive over what you have done. It’s precious to you and any criticism goes straight to the heart. Writing as a pair helps as you can take better criticism from you writing partner as you are also giving them feedback. But this where restraint must also come in as you need to decide some times that the feedback rings true. So cutting that scene that you loved writing so much or moving some stuff around might hurt but it’s best not to take it to personally. Just crack open that Easter egg and eat it all in one go.

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