Meet the readers

NolanParker signPhil: Team NolanParker is back in marketing mode. With our appearance at Stratford Literary Festival next month we’re working out what we need to say, and then where else we could say it.

In our heads we know that you can’t sit behind a computer and expect to sell a book. The music industry has already discovered that the money is in concerts putting artists in front of their fans. The book industry has found a similar thing – how else do you explain the growth in festivals, all of whom are promoting “star” authors?

People like to be entertained and in the book world, that means sitting in the same room as an author and watching the writing monkey dance.

Now we aren’t stars yet, so we need to take a different tack. What we have done is publish a book. Yes I know that loads of people have done that, but there are many times more who think they’d like to do this and will turn out to meet someone promising to tell them how to do it.

Let’s face it, the whole self-help industry is based on a small number of people dangling the prospect of an improved life in front of others who hope that the next book or lecture will be the one that solves their problems without them having to change anything.

Cynical I know, but practical too.

Anyway, once we’ve lit fested, we’re wondering who else we can go and talk to. How do you snag a booking to go and talk to a group of interested people? It’s easy if you are famous, the group will approach your agent with money and all will be fine.

Once we solve this, there is another task – making the best out of the session. From a commercial point of view.

With that in mind, we’ve just signed with Clink Street Publishing to produce physical copies of our book. Our versions were OK but they don’t look as professional as we’d like. Therefore we’ve followed the path trodden by other authors of our acquaintance and gone to a professional for professional services. Best of all, once complete, readers can head into proper bookshops like Waterstones or WH Smiths and order our book!

This means when we meet people, we have the chance to flog them a book. T-shirts and badges with out faces on can come later.

First though, we need to sort out some bookings. Anyone know some groups who fancy an hour or so’s entertainment with a literary feel?


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One response to “Meet the readers

  1. Geoff Brown

    Women’s Institutes, Townswomen’s Guilds? Mens Shed Clubs!

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