Is there something you should be telling me?


Candice: I am currently reading a book called ‘How to be single’.  I will write a review when I have finished it as I not sure about it at all at the moment.

However, the other week I had to go on a longer train journey and I looked at it and thought ‘I’m not sure that I want to be reading that in public’.  Why, you might ask.  Well the wedding ring might make people think twice about why I am reading it!

(Can I just add that this is the wedding ring for the wedding to my husband, not my surrogate husband Phil, yes we have to explain that concept again in a few weeks when we go to the Lit Festival as the brochures are out and we are a ‘husband and wife team’.  Its a good job the other half has a sense of humour.)

Just a few years ago this wouldn’t have even crossed my mind but with the advent of tablet phones and kindles now hardly anyone reads obvious books.  I think its a shame as some times I would get ideas for what to read next looking at what was popular on the train, or by the pool, and its also great publicity for those who are trying to sell  books.

I can remember reading ‘Fifty Shades’ before it all kicked off as a big deal. I’d bought it based on the blurb on the back and thought it was a romance novel, little did I realise.  I was sat by the pool on hols and one of the saucy scenes started, I blushed under my tan, but no one was really aware what I was reading.  A week or so later it was all over the press and I would have been hiding it under my towel.

Another holiday I was one of many reading ‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown in the airport waiting area, I nearly sidled up to people to ask them what they thought.

But now I would have no idea what anyone is reading.

So I shall keep reading the book in the privacy of my home and hope that the other half doesn’t notice the title !



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